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        Company Profile

        The Most Livable Cities In China

        Rongcheng Haibo Seafood Co., Ltd. is located in Shidao Administration District of Rongcheng City, a beautiful and prosperous coastal city on the easternmost tip of Jiaodong Peninsula. This location is embraced by the sea from three directions and it is blessed with picturesque scenery and pleasant climate, making it one of the most livable cities in China. The city is also blessed with great convenience of transportation by waterways, land, and air, and it is the most developed port town in the north of China, a golden wharf for the outbound business development of Rongcheng.

        The company is a subsidiary belonging to Chishan Group. It is a large processing enterprise of aquatic product established by this group, mainly engaging in the deep processing of frozen fish series,frozen squid series and other seafood. The main products of the company include frozen squid series,frozen fish raw material and frozen breaded products series. Our company has completely passed the FDA Registration,HACCP,BRC certification,EU food sanitary registration,ISO9000,ISO18000 and ISO22000 International quality system certification etc. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa,Middle East and Southeast Asia and have won good recognition and praise.

        Brand Strength

        Lay A Solid Foundation Fordeveloping Thriving Enterprise Of China

        Our company covers an area of 160000 square meters,the buildings take up 100000 square meters of land,the total value of its fixed assets accounts for RMB 600 million and it is staffed with more than 1000 employees now.In the facility region, the processing workshops take up 200,000 square meters of land, and there are 4 modernized large deep processing aseptic workshops, 6 newest large individual quick freezing machines, 12 contact tunnel freezers, prefrying equipment, 4 automatic squid skinner machines imported from Italy, comprehensive refrigeration house with a capacity of 80,000 tons . The annual processing amount of seafood in our company accounts for 80,000 tons.

        Depending on the unique resource advantage that it is located in the origin country of todarodes squid,relying on 16 refrigerated offshore fishing boats of more than 2000 horsepower that the group company owns,the annual catching amount of various seafood accounts for 50000 tons and the catching amount of todarodes squid accounts for 200000 tons, which makes Haibo become more competitive on quality and price of raw material.

        Through perennial operations and efforts,Rongcheng Haibo Seafood Co.,Ltd. has gradually established management Pattern and systematic industrial chains integrating offshore fishing, seafood processing,and foreign trade export. Adhering to the management principle”Technology is Guide,Quality is life, we vigorously carry out the management policy”high quality,high efficiency,systematization,organization and modernization,elevating the competitiveness and influence of the enterprise in the international market ceaselessly with high quality products and good reputation,to lay a solid foundation fordeveloping thriving enterprise of China.


        No.599,Eshishan Road,
        Shidao Town, Rongcheng City





        About Us

        Rongcheng Haibo Seafood Co., Ltd. is located in Shidao Administration District of Rongcheng City, a beautiful and prosperous coastal city on the easternmost tip of Jiaodong Peninsula.

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